SOMETHING NEW: PPMT Peers’ Choice Competition (April 11, 2017)


We have something new and exciting going on!  Our Peers’ Choice Competition will be held at our monthly meetings from now on (with the exception of select events or programs).

It’s a way to challenge members to compete and improve their photography.  The ultimate goal is to reward a member as PPMT “Photographer of the Year” for achievement and excellence in photography.  We will be featuring the winning entries on the blog every month.

We are also discussing ideas for expanding the “Photographer of the Year” program to include other avenues of excellence such as service, providing content for the website, etc. This is in the works, however, but we are starting with the monthly Peers’ Choice Competition.  And, I want to give a BIG thank you to Dorma Tabizs for heading this program up.

So get those images printed to compete at our next meeting, April 11th, 2017.  You must provide an accompanying digital file of your image by uploading at the link at the bottom of this email or on portable storage media at the meeting.

Details can be found at our website under the events tab.  (Please follow the submission guidelines).


How it works:

At each of our monthly meetings, PPMT members at any paid membership level can submit up to two 8 x 10 or 8×12 prints for judging and voting by their peers in the PPMT’s Peers’ Choice Competition with an entry fee of $3.oo per image.  Any paid member may compete and place; however, competitors in the Student and Aspiring membership levels are not eligible for the “Photographer of the Year” award and do not receive reward points. There are no set categories or restrictions on subject matter or genres at this time.  PPMT members vote by secret ballot on the images and the highest scores win.  Those who win are awarded points toward PPMT’s “Photographer of the Year”, if eligible.  The winner each month receives 2 points towards “PPMT Photographer of the Year” and a door prize.  Points earned from the votes cast by PPMT members are accumulated during the course of each year. The eligible photographer who earns the highest annual point total is awarded the prestigious PPMT Peers’ Choice Competitions “Photographer of the Year”.  All award-winning images in our Peers’ Choice Competitions are published in gallery showcase on our website. Each month’s winner and “Photographer of the Year” will be featured on our website blog.


Required Guidelines for Submitting Images:

Make sure you follow all the submission guidelines so your print is eligible to receive votes for the Peer’s Choice monthly competition and “Photographer of the Year” awards.

  • Prints can only be submitted by PPMT members at any membership level (all members may vote in the competition).
  • Prints must be accompanied by a $3 entry fee per print (paid at the meeting).
  • Each print must be un-mounted but may be placed in a protective sleeve.
  • Entrant must have captured and created the original exposure.
  • Entries must not violate copyright rules.
  • The longest edge of the print must be no shorter than 8 inches and no longer than 12 inches.
  • Print entries should not have any markings that identify the photographer.
  • Prints will be accepted between 6:00pm and 7:00pm at the meeting site. (voting will take place during the meeting).
  • Prints must be accompanied by a digital image file submitted prior to 7:00pm. (There are two ways to submit digital files).
    • Entries will not be accepted without a digital copy provided in advance of the competition (for online exhibit and publishing purposes).
    • Digital images may either be submitted via the upload link on this page or in-person on a disposable, portable digital media storage.
    • Digital images must have the following specifications:
      • jpeg in sRGB
      • 2000 pixels on the longest side
      • Less than 2 MB in file size
      • Filename structured as such: FirstName_LastName_ImageTitle. (Example: Bob_Jones_SeeSpotRun.jpeg)
    • Accompanying digital image file submissions (not print entries) may have a small, unobtrusive watermark identifying the photographer or the photographer’s studio. NOTE: Print entries with any markings that identify the photographer will not be accepted.
    • In case of a “tie”, the winning entry will be voted on and determined by the PPMT board of directors.

Upload April 2017 Images Here



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