PPMT President’s Message-July 2017

PPMT President’s Message-July, 2017

The Possibilities are Endless

By Donna M. Butler, PPMT President


What a pleasure it has been to be a part of the Professional Photographers of Middle Tennessee and to serve as President this year. I am so thrilled to see our association grow and succeed. We have welcomed 9 new members this year and encourage local photographers to be a part of PPMT.  The association has always emphasized growth in photography and fostered comradery.  We have everyone from beginners to seasoned pros…from amateurs to professionals with a love for photography.

Who ever anticipated the remarkable changes that photography would undergo over the years?  With the digital age and the ability to view and adjust on the spot, photography is easier…at least on the surface.

Photography is still a complex art/science with so many variables and ways of capturing an image but the basic principles still apply. Composition and exposure are paramount to photography. You must have the skills and technical knowledge and the ability to “see” a scene and photograph it in a way no one has. You must know the dials and buttons on your camera. To take it a step further, you must be able to edit images in computer software to create exceptional art that achieves your ultimate vision. There thousands of ways to take a picture and even thousands more to edit it.  The possibilities are endless!

As an art, photography is the “why”.  It is a means of visual expression used to interpret nature and the human condition.  It’s the ability to see, plan and visually compose an image, to find a unique message or something visually enticing to the viewer.  It’s the embodiment of the personality, the emotion, the talent, the imagination, the inspiration…the very soul of the image maker.

As a science, photography is the “how”.  It is a tool of measurement, calculation, and recording. It requires technical skill to understand the mathematical rules, the aesthetic geometry, the physics of light, the mechanics and engineering of the gear, the system of optics and to utilize the camera well to achieve what the art calls for.

The photographers in PPMT are exceptional and skilled photographers who work hard, seek to learn, strive to improve and they take pride in their images. To our gifted PPMT members, photography is not necessarily just an “art” or “science”.  It’s a life-long personal pursuit, a lifestyle.  It’s their “craft”.

Who knows what the future holds for PPMT?  With its rich past and strong membership, the potential for momentum and growth is there. The possibilities are endless. The needs of the membership will help guide the direction of PPMT. With member input and participation, the leadership will continue to work hard to keep the momentum moving forward. The organization will continue to provide learning opportunities and activities so members can continue to make their photographs exceptional and improve their craft!  Whether photography is for business or pleasure we are all here to help each other and to learn from each other.

Thanks for your continued support and hard work.  We rely heavily on volunteers to keep PPMT going and anything you can do to help the organization is good for everyone.  You can fill out our volunteer form and let us know about which opportunities you are interested in.  The Board of Directors is working hard on some great ideas and events for the rest of the year but even with all these great ideas, we REALLY need your help to make them come to life!

Our next opportunity to mingle and learn this month is our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 11th  at Dury’s with Genna Sellers.  We will learn about food photography, including some of the tips and tricks that will take your imagery to the next level. (Details can be found HERE).

Speaking of fun…who doesn’t love a fun and friendly competition?  It’s good for the soul and gets the creative juices flowing.  We will have our Peers’ Choice Competition at our next regular monthly meeting in July, so get those images ready!***

If you would like to become a PPMT member, we’d love to have you join us.  Our memberships are extremely affordable and the value far outweighs your membership dues.  Visit our website and sign up here.

***Don’t forget to bring your 8×10 or 8×12 Print (up to 2) and the $3 entry fee per image for the Peer’s Choice Competition July 11th.






Donna Butler,

PPMT President

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