PPMT President’s Message-March 2018

I was so excited to see so many attendees at our last meeting.  The enthusiasm was contagious.  I know all of us enjoyed Elena’s presentation.  I walked away with ideas swirling in my head…how about you?  I can promise you that our next speaker will be equally as inspiring.

I met our March speaker, Devi Sanford, at the Franklin Art Crawl earlier this year.  During casual conversation I discovered that she is a photographer, and I peppered her with a million questions.  After that I was able to visit with her and see her passion project that she will be telling us about.  Her credentials and experiences with highly respected photographers are amazing.  Devi has just returned from a trip to Antarctica and will be sharing stories and photos from that trip.  She will also discuss why she chose photography as a career, and a little about her current work.  This is a meeting that you will definitely want to attend!

I recently attended another photography group lunch, and there was a lively discussion about abstract photography. Abstract photography is “a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world and that has been created through the use of photographic equipment, processes or materials.”  I have composed a few abstracts in camera (swipes), but haven’t played much with manipulated abstracts in Photoshop.  Have you?  If you have manipulated your image in any way, would you still consider it photography or fine art?

One of our state members, Susan Ruach is teaching an online course in abstract photography beginning March 6th.  For more information go to

www.shantiarts.com/workshops.  The title is Experiments in Abstract and Impressionistic Photography.  I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience.

I look forward to seeing our lively crowd at Kebabs at 5 for dinner before our meeting.  Please come and bring a friend!  We will have more door prizes to give away also.  See you March 13!

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