Our next PPMT meeting is January 9, 2024, ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY: WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, with Susan Ruach



Ever wonder how an abstract photo was made?  Or what it “meant”? Or said to yourself about an abstract photo, “Huh?  I just don’t get it.”  Or maybe you really liked an abstract painting and wondered if you could do something like that with your camera. This program will look at abstract photography and abstract art in general.  We will reflect on the meaning and value of abstract photography.  In case you might want to try creating your own abstract photos for fun, we will also look briefly at some types of abstract photography and ways of making abstract images including realistic abstracts, mining an image, camera movement techniques and digital manipulation.


Susan Ruach is a spiritual seeker, a wife, mother, grandmother and friend who loves to travel. She spent forty-three years working as a minister, mostly in administration, creating programs and working in spiritual formation as a way to continue seeking and to share her learnings with others. She began her photography journey more than 30 years ago as a way to share the beauty she saw on her travels around the world. Now, she sees herself as a lens-based artist (“All of my art starts through the lens of a camera.”)  whose photographic art focuses on abstract, macro and nature images as a way to invite the viewer to deeper reflection.


Susan says, “If I’m not creating, my soul dries up.  A friend once emailed me a stunning image of mountains and a lake.  When I saw it, my whole body relaxed. Some images have the power to change us:  to reduce stress, to inspire us, to teach us, to energize us, to heal us, to be a “thin place” in the Celtic sense and to reconnect us to our souls.“


Photography is currently her best and favorite way of creating, and her favorite images are abstracts.  She believes abstract photography (and abstract art in general) can surprise people and invite them to think and feel differently, to move us to a different place, by bypassing some of the barriers we put up to being in touch with our deepest selves. She makes images to call us to break through the numbness and distraction that our fast-paced, care-less culture often cultivates.


Her art is about inviting herself and others to pause, to breathe, to go beneath the surface, to feel and think more deeply, to wander inside our own souls, to reconnect with our creative energy and to touch the Mystery.


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