About Us

Who We Are

The Professional Photographers of Middle Tennessee is a trade organization which promotes integrity and the advancement of professional photography as a respected and honored profession.

What We do

An affiliate of Professional Photographers of America, Southeastern Professional Photographers Association, and the Tennessee Professional Photographers Association, PPMT exists to provide an atmosphere of education and fellowship for professional photographers, their staff and families. Print critiques, informative and educational seminars and social events serve its members by improving their artistry, business skills and camaraderie.

Our Vision

Promote, educate, enhance and inspire the professional photographic community.

Core Values



Ethical Behavior


Sound Business Practices

Monthly Meetings

PPMT holds monthly meetings with different programs or workshops each month. These are perfect opportunities for networking and development.  Non-members may attend one PPMT meeting at no charge but will be charged $10.00 per meeting thereafter if a membership is not desired. Note: This is one visit over any period of time.