Get Involved!

PPMT has many opportunities to get involved in the organization at various levels of time commitments.

Check out the opportunities below.  Tell us what your interests are and we’ll see how we can get you involved.

Committee Members
Committee members are needed to help in the affairs of the association.  Together, we can achieve the impossible and impact our community. The success of PPMT depends upon the active participation of every member so please consider volunteering your time and talents.  Visit our committees page to find out how you can get involved.
Time Commitment: Average 1 hour a month for committee meetings and/or communication.  Additional time for outreach, special events and projects.
Experience/Skills Needed: Choose areas that best suit your interests and skills. Training will be provided for any specific event or task.

Blog Authors
 PPMT is looking for authors to write blog posts for the website. It has been shown that frequent blogging and social media marketing are powerful resources to engage and keep an audience.  We want to put out quality, illustrated content on our blog and need PPMT member contributors. Are you a natural writer or educator and have information or an experience that will resonate with readers? How about a technique or tutorial or equipment review you’re willing to share?
Time Commitment: Time needed to author one (or more) 500-1000 word blog post with images and /or illustrations.
Experience/Skills Needed: Ability to write well and articulate an idea or experience in a professional way (editing help is provided for submissions)

Members-Only Content Contributors
We want members to donate high quality, downloadable content as a way to “pay it forward” to our members and add more value to our member benefits.
Time Commitment: Time needed to design or create and upload templates, tutorials, articles and images.
Experience/Skills Needed: Photoshop, a word processing program, photography skills, writing and/or design skills.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please message us at

Tools to Help Promote PPMT

PPMT is committed to growing its membership and many members have asked how they can help promote the organization. Below are tools you can use to reach out and share the benefits of belonging to PPMT.  Feel free to adapt the tools to include your own experiences to better fit potential members you have identify.

1. Refresh Your PPMT knowledge

– Study up on our benefits and programs such as our easy account management system, our low membership dues and membership levels, our history, the free member-only content, outstanding programs and education we offer, upcoming events and activities.  Be prepared to answer questions.
– Provide links to PPMT resources, such as  PPMT Benefits, PPMT Blog, our Facebook page, Calendar of Events and Membership Application

2. Identify Those Who Would Benefit from PPMT Membership

– Photographers interested in photography education or attending a workshop
– Colleagues at your local camera club
– Fellow co-workers or student photographers
– Friends that share your interest in photography

3. Personalize It

Include how PPMT has helped you in your career and photography journey…what PPMT means to you professionally and personally…or how education and competition drive you to produce better work

4. Follow Up

Send a thank you email or make a phone call to the prospective member you spoke with about PPMT and see if they have any questions.

Tools for Your Use

Questions? Contact us at